The main advantage of sea transport is their budgetary nature in comparison with other modes of transportation. Transportation of fresh cargos by water is significantly cheaper than transport by road or air.

The use of refrigerated containers are provide additional guarantees for the safety of fresh goods and facilitates handling.

Our employees are promptly analyzing your needs, make up the optimal delivery route, offer an option to come to various terminals and calculate the cost. Due to close cooperation with sea lines and ports in different countries. We manage to implement a flexible pricing policy and maintain a high level of marine refrigeration services.

As an additional service, we offer our clients daily monitoring or operational summary in the form of a report on the status of the cargo, the availability of debt to the carrier and the availability of the goods for release and export.


iRVP81RHO According to the State Statistical Office of Thuringia (TLS) (Germany), in 2019, 178 tons of berries from 144 ha were collected in the region.
Due to the global epidemiological situation, the cancellation of some flights, as well as the suspension of international courier services,...
Import of animals due to an outbreak of coronavirus was suspended from January 30, 2020...