Road freight transportation accounts for more than 70% of the transport services market in our country. Despite the demand for other modes of transport, road transport will always occupy a leading position as the most universal and mobile mode of transport.

Professional services in the road transport of goods - one of the activities of the customs representative Sodruzhestvo. You can trust us to transport "fresh" cargo!

Motor transportation is carried out by vehicles with a carrying capacity of 10 tons, which allows you to choose the best type of truck to send cargo. Our team will calculate the route individually for you, complete all necessary transport documents and insurance and also load the goods directly from your warehouse. Throughout the journey, the specialists of the company Sodruzhestvo accompany the cargo and unload it at the place of arrival.

Transportation of "fresh" cargo by road has its own characteristics. First of all, it is the preservation of a certain temperature regime throughout the "journey". The temperature regime is maintained by autorefrigerators in the range from -5 ° C to + 15 ° C, regardless of the weather and temperature conditions from the outside. From the point of view of the possibility of securing cargo for the period of transportation, the model of the vehicle is also of great importance.

Motor transport, which is used by the company "Sodruzhestvo" has a full list of necessary documents, certificates and sanitary passports. Drivers must undergo a medical examination and have sanitary books with them.


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