Today container transportation is one of the most popular and priority methods of cargo delivery. As a rule, this type of cargo transportation for the customer is most practical in view of the absence of additional overloads.

On delivery of "fresh" cargo in refrigerated containers there are minuses and pluses in comparison with bulk shipments, we will consider them in more details:


  1. Local fees (exhibiting phyto inspections);
  2. Storage;
  3. Demurrage;
  4. When delivering goods for long distances, additional costs for Jen Seth, fuel, RDP.


  1. There is no additional overload, which allows you to deliver cargo with less damage that is necessarily present when unloading from the beam boats;
  2. You do not depend on the neighbors on the bilge;
  3. You know exactly and can manage the time of export from the port.

Based on your ultimate goals, you always have a choice in the way of delivery.

And we will always help with the analysis of costs and their optimization.


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