The customs representative Sodruzhestvo offers survey services of a wide spectrum. We are guarantee convenient and professional service and prompt submission of information on survey surveys conducted. Surveyor evaluation allows to optimize the transportation process as well as to insure against unreasonable claims from any side.

Surveyor service guarantees the cargo owner:

  • Special control at each stage of transportation, namely control of quantity and quality of cargo;
  • Obtaining of operational information about the cargo condition;
  • Obtaining professional advice from a specialist in minimizing losses;
  • Presence at unloading of bulk vessels, control over weather conditions, as well as quality control and temperature of the outgoing cargo.

The presence is of the surveyor during the transportation of cargo disciplines the employees of the reloading terminals because the third-party control always improves the quality of work, reduces the loss of time and money due to the negligence of the loaders.


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