Forwarding services are include delivery and escort of cargos all the way. This service implies the transfer of responsibility for the safety of the transported cargos in the hands of the forwarding company.

The freight forwarder coordinates the actions of all participants in the shipment and monitors the condition of the cargos en route.

Customers who trust the freight forwarding of the company Sodruzhestvo are informed daily of the condition of the shipment and any forced changes during the movement of the cargos.

Complex freight forwarding service includes:

  • Selection of the vehicle, based on the characteristics of the goods;
  • development of the optimal route of traffic;
  • registration of all accompanying documentation;
  • control over the safety of cargo, observance of storage and transportation conditions;
  • monitoring of cargo condition, observance of delivery terms and formation of a report for the client.

Thus, the cargo owner is completely excluded from the transport process and is freed from the solution of a number of tasks.

Customs representative Sodruzhestvo has extensive experience in organizing transportation of various types, knows all the legal subtleties of this process. We quickly and easily plan the best route and take control of the solution of all the issues that arise during the transportation process.


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