The strategic goal of the company is become to a leader in the global market for the delivery and customs clearance of fruits and vegetables. We provide a range of transport and logistics services of the widest profile and high class, promote the development of your business completely immersed in the specifics of your activities and becoming part of it.

Sodruzhestvo bases its work on maintaining and improving the five points:

  • Speed
  • Service
  • Cost reduction
  • Timeliness
  • Cargo safety


iRVP81RHO According to the State Statistical Office of Thuringia (TLS) (Germany), in 2019, 178 tons of berries from 144 ha were collected in the region.
Due to the global epidemiological situation, the cancellation of some flights, as well as the suspension of international courier services,...
Import of animals due to an outbreak of coronavirus was suspended from January 30, 2020...